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Life Once


My Mannequin Family

Colorado based artist Suzanne Heintz has
been touring the world with her plastic fam-
ily for the past fourteen years all the while
documenting her curious adventures with an
even more curious alternative family. Her con-
troversial art form can be called many things,
but it certainly cant be labeled uninteresting.
She has managed to blend three dimensional
art and satire to create a message that breaks
down female stereotypes and hammers away at
the cultural expectations for women that is
to be complete a woman must be married with
children. Heintz has succeeded in taking a very
serious subject and raised its awareness level
that only the use of humor can achieve.
For Heintz has created an instant alterna-
tive, though nonetheless real, family for the
sake of her art and her message. In so doing she
has made her viewers more aware of the harm
of cultural expectations by using smiles instead
of hectoring. I learned a great deal from speak-
ing with Suzanne, a warm, creative and an in-
sightful artist who has much to say. Our discus-
sion was punctuated with peals of laughter and
witty repartee which made our time together,
much too short. I have organized our interview
into a question and answer form so the reader
can share some of our same conversational ex-
periences and the fun.

Suzanne please tell us about yourself and your pho-
tography and your art direction work. Do you have
your own studio? What do you specialize in?
I dont have the typical resume of an artist.
I came at it from a different angle.
I was raised in Yonkers, New York, the
youngest of four red-blooded American kids,
and the only one to not marry and have chil-
dren. I studied Liberal Arts, particularly Fine
Art, ultimately deciding to go to Pratt Institute
for Design. I never planned on being anything
but a working print designer in New York, but
the road that got me here - had a few twists in it.

Skiers. Im still trying to get the
hang of it while looking forward to
the lessons promised by hubby. ArtMolds Journal | Vol 1 ยท Issue 2 | Jan /Feb 2014 | 13
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